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2 attackers arrested for allegedly attacking Arnab Goswami’s car

On Wednesday evening the police of NM Joshi marg arrested two attackers who
were in their late 20s and attacked the chief of Republic TV Arnab Goswami and his
wife in the lower Parel while they were returning back from their work.
They both escaped the attack without any major injuries. To this event Arnab went
ahead and filed a complaint against the two attackers.

He said in his complaint that the attack took place at 12:15 am.” two men on a
motorcycle tried to overtake my car and I tried to identify them who was driving. They
then blocked the path of my car with their motorcycle. The pillion rider tried to hit my
right car window several times after realizing that the windows were up, he took out a
liquid in a bottle and threw it on the driver’s side where I was sitting”. Goswami
alleged in his complaint and pointed out at the congress for causing such an event.
He showed a tweet by the leader of the party Alka Lamba that was done just 3 hours
after the attack.

The arrested accused are Pratik Kumar Shamsunder and Arun Dilip Borade are the
residents of Sion. the DCP of Zone 3 Abhinash Kumar said that the Accused were
arrested immediately after the incident with the help of the security personnel who
were with Goswami. The accused are said to be in custody till the 27th of April.
The leaders of the congress have filed FIRs against Arnab Goswami for accusing
Sonia Gandhi in the Palghar lynching incident, across the country.

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