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2 women repeatedly raped by a priest in Amritsar, arrested after the police raid

As sexual harassment and assault cases flood the internet, yet another incident highlighting the pure abuse of power with Godmen has shocked the country.

“Head Priest accused of rape”

A rape case has been filed against the Head Priest and another priest of the Ram Tirath Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. The two men have been accused of raping two women who were illegally held prisoners by the accused. The two were arrested after Punjab Police conducted a


As per police reports, the police were able to conduct the raid on the basis of another complaint lodged with the PC Commission alleging a similar accusation.

The raid revealed that the priests had illegally confined both women in the temple premises.The Amritsar Police took cognizance of the report and led a team headed by SP Amandeep Kaur and DSP Gurpartap Singh Sahota to conduct a raid on the temple which eventually led to the discovery of the two prisoners.

“Case registered”

A case has been registered later for rape and illegal detention under Sections 376, 346, 379, 509/34 of the IPC on the basis of the women’s complaints. Further interrogation is being conducted and more details on the confinement are awaited.

This case is among several others were Godmen and priests have abused their powers and taken advantage of the faith that people keep in them. Women’s safety is a major concern in India where sexual harassment and molestation are rampant all over the country and rape
culture is heavily imbibed into societal norms.

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