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5 Celebs who own private jets in India

Celebrities enjoy a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle as they have the money to maintain it. They belong to the rare class of people who are accustomed to certain privileges in life such as wearing expensive, branded clothes, several high-ended cars, villas and bungalows all over the world and some are even rich enough to own a private jet. Flying in business class is common for rich people but celebrities like a little privacy and they all have a fixed schedule so there are some who own their own personal private jets. These are five celebs who own personal private jets in India:

5 Celebs who own private jets in India

1) Ajay Devgan – This actor owns a luxury six-seater private jet, the Hawker 800. He uses this jet for travelling to fulfil his professional commitments and for his personal leisure.

2) Shah Rukh Khan – Shah Rukh Khan owns a private jet plane that he uses to travel for shoots and family excursions.

3) Priyanka Chopra Jonas – She owns a private jet and it makes travelling easier and less of a hassle for her as she frequently travels between L.A. and India with her husband. She also uses her jet to fulfil her work obligations.

4) Amitabh Bachchan – Amitabh Bachchan likes living in a comfortable manner of life. The actor likes to travel in his private jet whether it is for a work commitment or a family excursion.

5) Akshay Kumar – He has a very packed and tight schedule and he prefers to travel in his private jet for shooting, promotions and family excursions.


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