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A Tussle broke out at the Shelter Home in Delhi over Food shortage

A scrimmage broke out in a shelter home in Delhi over the shortage of food. The fight started as an argument between inmates and the security staff. The event took place in South Delhi in the Mahipalpur area.

The inmates of the shelter home were having complaints against the shortage of food which has been encountered.
The inmates have shown rage against the shortage of food by heating the argument and
went to the extent of beating the security staff of the shelter home.
The sub-divisional magistrate and senior official had to take place in the action as it was
heating up.

According to the sources, the fight emerged due to the increment of inmates in the shelter home. Till yesterday, the inmates were 120 in number. In the time being last night their number increased from 120 to 170 new members.
Similar to this, news came out 3 days ago which stated that a shelter home had been set on fire by the inmates in the rage for the shortage of food . after they had a fight with the security staff, the fire was later doused.

According to the police, the workers were beaten up by which 4 of them jumped in River
Yamuna and one of them drowned.
The angry workers urged the police to take action against the staff over the death of their workers nothing seemed to be calming to the angry staff and went against the police. The inmates began throwing stones at the police and later set the shelter on fire. The shelter was home to 200-250 people. According to the sources 6 people have been arrested for being guilty in the incident. The worker who died in the incident has not been identified yet.

The reporting of fire was received at 6:05 pm after which 5 fire trucks went to rescue. They were able to gain control over the situations. No one was hurt in the incident and the new people that were accused of food shortage will now be shifted to a new Shelter home.

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