After India, Japan is now considering a ban on Chinese apps.

After the US and India, Japan is also considering to ban TikTok and other Chinese apps in their country. Japan will be the third country after the US and India on banning Chinese apps.

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The bans on Chinese apps have benefited companies like Facebook which rushed to launch its TikTok clone—Instagram Reels—in India this month. The company has also confirmed that it will reveal its features in the US in the month of August.

Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party has put forward the proposal to Japan’s government to take legislative steps and to limit the use of Chinese apps in the country. The Party wants that all “Chinese made” apps should be completely banned in Japan. It is expected that the possible ban of the apps will be done by September 2020.

Even the Indian apps like Roposo have benefited from the bans, but market data suggests that the majority of the benefit may have gone to global firms.

India has banned 59 Chinese apps and 47 of their clones. The government has said that it is considering around 275 more apps to ban in future. The issue is under consideration at the Home Ministry currently.

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