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After Trump says PM Modi is in bad mood over china dispute, officials reveal that two leaders last spoke on April 4th

It has been revealed through the remarks given by the US President Donald Trump regarding a recent conversation with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he is being in the bad mood thinking about the china dispute remarking that both of the leaders (US and India) had not spoken since April 4th’2020. From the sources, it has been disclosed that the US president told this thing to the media at the white house regarding the PM Modi that he is quite tensed about the India-china border dispute.

Trump officially stated that both the countries i.e. India and china having 1.4 billion population and with a very powerful militant group is planning to have a big conflict due to which both countries are not happy. As per the information received from the sources of
New Delhi, they have stated that the last conversation was on the subject of hydroxychloroquine which was held between the US President Trump and PM Modi on April 4th’2020 and after that, they didn’t speak to each other.

Donald Trump who was asked to act as a peacemaker between both the countries i.e. India and China restated that; “definitely he would try his best to work as a mediator to resolve the dispute arising between India and China and later on will see whatever the outcome will
come out”. In regards to this, sources in New Delhi responded to him that,” Ministry of external affairs has already given a clear statement that India is directly in touch with china through established political parties.

Donald Trump told to the media in Washington, that he likes Prime Minister Modi a lot. He also expressed his views towards Prime Minister Modi that he is a great gentleman. US president preceded his remarks, with a little bit of pumping from an obsequious Indian journalist, about his trip to India that,” he was quite popular during his visit to India, therefore, with the recollection of the memories of his trip to India and also told that certainly India like him more.

As per the sources, the remarks had been made that India has a long history of not accepting third party meditation. The growing relationship of India with the US is quite an alert situation for china because then the boundary negotiations would become immensely
more difficult if the US comes into the picture. China’s official media team told that both the countries i.e. India and china should keep an eye on the US, which make use of every chance to create waves that can cause harm to regional peace and order. This time ministry of external affairs spokesperson abstained themselves from addressing the US president Trump’s tweet, and it also revealed them that they (India) did not reject any third party’s help, as it had done it in the past.

US President Trump for the first time has made such an offer to India and China, referring to the Line of Actual control situation as a “furious border dispute” and as per the sources, Trump offered his help for the first time on July 22nd’2019 regarding his willingness to act
as a mediator between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir dispute – which was been rejected by the MEA which summarize New Delhi’s stated position that the dispute can be resolve by discussing the issue bilaterally. Chinese media responded to President Donald
Trump that the leadership of both countries can successfully solve the issue with the concerted efforts and wisdom as they do not require any kind of help from the US to resolve their current situation. Although, Trump has tweeted that he is ready to assist both the countries to resolve the controversy.

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