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AIIMS director says, ‘coronavirus peak yet to come in India’

Dr Randeep Guleria director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) announces that as per the data released by the experts, the coronavirus cases peak time in the country is yet to arrive. The lockdown period was successful but it did not help in bringing down the coronavirus cases to some extent as per the information revealed by the sources. As per the central government, the prevailing pandemic disease is been spreading at a rapid rate in India and the total number of cases is rising at an alarming rate if they look at the graph since early April. But, the experts and medical staff still believe that the worst scenario is yet to come.

The peak time of this prevailing pandemic infectious virus is likely to come in the month of June and July as per the modelling data and the number of cases is increasing at a rapid speed. Director of AIIMS also said, “It is highly expected that there were many changeable aspects related to COVID-19 and with the time only they will able to recognize that how much they are effective and will be able to decipher the effect of extending the lockdown period. The population of India is greater than two to three countries in Europe so they can’t compare India’s population with other European countries. Dr Guleria also added that the death rate of India is much less in comparison to other countries.”

Community transmission is also happening in Delhi where one of every four people is being tested positive for coronavirus and it is occurring majorly in the hotspots of Delhi and Mumbai. Director of AIIMS also told that “There are around 10 to 12 cities where there are the more chances of the local transmission. When it was asked to Dr Randeep Guleria to provide some suggestion on the lockdown period then he
told, although the lockdown was successful, simultaneously, it didn’t get the coronavirus cases down significantly because people didn’t take the lockdown at a serious level and now, it’s time for them to act responsibly because this severe pandemic Covid-19 has impacted the economy and the less fortunate needs to be taken care of”.

AIIMS director also told the nation that, “next four to six weeks will be very crucial because there will be no lockdown so the focus is now to identify the spot which shows increases in the coronavirus cases and further turning them into the containment zones. Some countries have claimed that they have zeroed –in on a potential vaccine for this infectious virus which originated in china’s Wuhan around five months ago. The world health organization has not yet confirmed the proper treatment for this pandemic disease. Also, health experts of India are finding the shortcuts to come up with a cure which can do more harm in the long run”.

When India questioned Dr Randeep Guleria regarding the shortage of beds and ventilators in numerous hospitals and also, regarding the initiative taken by the hospitals to deal with such type of scenarios so, he responded to them that hospitals will not admit those people who are having mild symptoms as they can recover on their own and do not require any kind of treatment. Only serious patients can be
admitted to the hospital and definitely, they can be cured with the first aid. Also, he told that the Delhi government has made the right decision by suggesting the labs not to test the asymptotic people and also mention that currently, AIIMS does not have any VIP patients as they let all kinds of patients in. Further, he added that it’s our responsibility to go ahead and take care of those patients who are not finding any kind of medical facility in their state and coming to Delhi for the treatment.

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