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AIIMS Panel gives approval to human trials of COVAXIN vaccine.

All over the world is facing covid pandemic and trying to find out vaccines to cure this disease. Continuous efforts have been made by Indian pharmaceutical companies too. A few days ago Hyderabad based company Bharat Biotech Ltd announced that Covaxin vaccine
can cure covid 19.

Prior the vaccine has undergone successful toxicity studies in rats, mice and rabbits. And now it’s the right time to start the testing on humans.

Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) approved for 2 vaccines to be ready for human clinical trials. Bharat Biotech International Limited produced the vaccine in collaboration with ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research) and NIV (National Institute of Virology). This is the first indigenous vaccine produced by India. Another candidate vaccine for human trials is produced by Zydas Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Both the vaccines are ready to go for human clinical trials.

AIIMS committee gave it’s not for a human trial to both the vaccine. AIIMS is going to conduct the trial at 12 different sites including Patna.
Approx 1000 volunteers are going to participate in the trial. In phase 1 the vaccine would be tested on 375 volunteers out of which 100 belong to AIIMS.

Few have already registered for the trial. Certain things about the trial were clarified by Dr Sanjay Rai while addressing the ethics
committee meeting of AIIMS. Healthy volunteers having no comorbid conditions and without a covid history, aged
between 18-55, would be eligible for a clinical trial.

We would start the screening of individuals from Monday onwards. Dr Sanjay Rai is a professor at AIIMS and a principal investigator of the study.

Anybody willing to participate in trials can send an email to ctaiims.covid19@gmail.com or sms to or call on 742884799. The institute may also put up their contact details on its website, said Dr Sanjay Rai.

India has its own name in manufacturing of medicines and its also a responsibility of India to take out the whole world from the pandemic situation.

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