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Air pollution aggravates Coronavirus; need to keep it low post lockdown

With the prevailed pandemic, light blue skies have returned over most parts of the world. That’s a small bit of good news. But the lockdown has helped stop the spread of COVID-19 in another way.
With the lockdown assumed to end on May 3, air pollution is another main concern, as research proves it can only worsen the spread.

Originally, the lockdown was a way to strengthen social distancing and make sure isolation(separation of infected from others) is in place. This has had a tremendous effect, nonetheless in India. Countries that couldn’t implement this in the early stages have had a tough time in controlling the virus.

Then, with the lockdown, all the public, private vehicles, industries, and other sources that contribute to air pollution have been paused. Resulting in a global fall in air pollution index. The air is now a lot safer and pure, thanks to the lockdown.
But experts appreciate lockdown for being able to control air pollution; else, they say, the situation could have turned out to be a lot worse.

Air pollution claims as many as 4.2 million lives per year, a pretty big figure. The effect of air pollution is mainly on the lungs. Also, people who are exposed to air pollution for 15-20years have significantly higher mortality rates. Air pollution has a direct effect on the person’s immune system; exactly which the COVID-19 attacks.

The experts revealed these after surveying. Earlier, the Sars virus, which is similar to the COVID-19; the patients who lived in high areas of pollution were 84% more likely to die.
The time also affects the virus spread. The next season is Summer, which is mainly hot and humid throughout the country. The humid climate is going to improve the spread of the virus. So by all means, the country needs to take measures in keeping the pollution in control. Else the outbreak after the lifting of lockdown would be uncontrollable.

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