Ajay Devgn pays for all the oxygen cylinders and ventilators for a new Covid-19 hospital in Dharavi

Ajay Devgn, The versatile actor is known for his comic timings and stunt scenes in the Bollywood, Now known for his good deed.

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The actor has urged everyone to donate for the well-being of Dharavi people who are suffering from pandemic has himself came ahead in people support.

The actor silently pays off all the expenses of ventilators and oxygen cylinders that are being set up in the newly constructed Covid-19 hospital in Dharavi, Mumbai.

Since the beginning of Covid-19 attack, Ajay Devgn is spreading awareness among his fans about the pandemic and precautions through social media platforms.

Recently Ajay Devgn has asked people to donate as much as they can for the survival of Dwellers of Dharavi. Dharavi is one of the biggest slums in Mumbai which is badly hit by Corona.

According to the latest reports, Dharavi is at the epicentre of the Corona outbreak. The actor not only supported for oxygen cylinders and ventilators, but he has also taken the responsibility for 700 families.

Ajay Devgn Film Foundation (ADFF) is helping 700 families. Even many volunteers are on the ground and through NGO’s they are distributing rations and hygiene kits.

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Kiran Dighavkar, The assistant municipal commissioner of G-North has spoken out in the Mumbai Mirror interview that we told him about the two portable ventilators and cylinders and he agreed to pay.

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