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Ajay Devgn wishes his ultimate teacher ‘the camera’ on teacher’s day, check here

Teacher’s day is celebrated today tribute to their teachers. By this way, they express gratitude to their teachers. The birth date of the second president of India, SARVEPALLI RADHAKRISHNAN, 5 September 1888, has been celebrated as teachers day since 1962.since ancient times there has always been this thing of respecting teachers. What I believe is what we all are today is because of our teachers. In India we call our teachers GURU, it is also a term for GOD, teachers are considered to be the second god. I understand they teach us things because of which we gain knowledge. The firsts are always counted as specials, whenever we make a house the first brick is very important as the entire house will be built on it. Similarly, our initial education is very important to gain knowledge. Whenever we are in our primary we usually hear this from our teachers that your basic are very important, thereby who is teaching us these basics it’s our teachers. Teachers have always been there to us like second mothers. When our mothers were not there our teachers were by our sides in our second home that is any educational property be it school, college, university, tuitions etc. but at the same time when our teachers were not there, our parents were our firsts teachers, who taught us how to walk, sit, eat etc. Parents are teachers for life. 

We all grow up, gain knowledge, be professionals and then start with our work. Many follow various professions, some become makeup artists, businessman, industrialist, hoteliers, actors etc. talking of actors today I saw a post on Instagram of SINGHAM, which says that Mr Ajay Devgn was giving a great tribute to the camera. He stated that the camera has taught him a lot. Not all actors are born actors they are made actors with good experience. I am sure we all have seen Sanju, in the initial sense they show how difficult it is to work in front of the camera, matching lipsync with songs in a big task, the directions and angles are so difficult to manage with. The biggest and the most difficult task is not to show your real feelings, you have to act it out all. No matter how sad you are and you are shooting for a good/happy song you have to be like the script requires you regardless of your true emotions. You all will agree to this, its not an easy job to be in. 


The actors need to make the camera their best friend, they need to understand it to gain success. Do you think this understanding comes you to very soon, NO it takes time to be perfect? Hardworking is important but using your server smartness is more important. Every actor works hard but some know what kind of hardwork is important, what all tricks are important, which without any doubt makes them the best actors. 

Gratitude in your life is important, the most important is appreciation. We see Ajay Devgn is being both today for teachers day. He is being grateful for whatever he has achieved in past and is appreciating for the same. It’s important to be this way, it makes you a humble person. I found it very great. It’s not about living teachers but it’s about who taught you, be it a machine or a camera. But above all, we all need to thank and appreciate all our teacher ling and non-living both including our parents who have given us so much in our lives, especially they gave us birth without that we would not have been here to thank. So be full of gratitude and appreciation. 

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