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Akshay Kumar’s film Prithviraj is set to be demolished before the onset of monsoon

Amid the prevailing period of this infectious virus coronavirus, the sets of Akshay Kumar’s for the upcoming film Prithviraj have been demolished because it has been proven that the expenses to maintain the same was too high to bear it. So, before the beginning of the Mumbai monsoon, the makers of the movie decided to destroy the set for the Akshay Kumar’s movie. As per the media, it was been stated that they have been told to the entertainment portal that the sets were kept unbroken for the last two months but a huge amount has been incurred for the maintenance of the sets and extraordinary time was being required due to which producers have to go ahead and take the call to knock down the sets.

Yash raj films had kept the set standing over the past two months with the hope in the mind that the prevailing situation will get improve as soon as possible but with the upcoming of monsoon season, it doesn’t seem workable to keep the set of the movie as it is so that is the major reason of destroying the complete set which is been kept for the movie Prithviraj. Along with the Akshay Kumar, in this film Prithviraj, the debut role has been played by the former Miss world Manushi Chillar and it has been stated that this film was going to be released during Diwali period in this year but half of the filming part was still left, hence, because of this pandemic infectious situation it was difficult to decide the date for the release of this movie Prithviraj.

Currently, the filmmakers are trying to get the permission from the sources to pull down the sets of the Prithviraj movie, however, some crucial part of the film in which Akshay Kumar is yet to shot is still pending. Once the production of the filming is allowed then only as per the Yashraj production, the leftover sequence of the film will be shot at an indoor set only. As per the sources, the major part of the shooting by the Akshay Kumar has already been filmed at the Dahisar set before the commencement of the lockdown period. According to the report, two sets were put together at Dahisar in which one was a palace and the other part was an arena in which an action sequence was supposed to be filmed for the movie.

As per the sources, Prithviraj is known to be as many big-budget projects which have highly suffered due to the lockdown period because of the prevailing infectious virus which has affected the lives of many people. The story of this film is based upon the life story of a Rajput king known as Prithviraj Chauhan from the Chahamana dynasty, and the Princess of Kannauj, Samyukta which is played by the beauty queen Manushi Chillar in this film. Manushi has already shared a few pictures of her a few months ago on social media.

Heavy loss going to be incurred as the filmmakers of Prithviraj movie will be going to dismantle the 12th-century architectural designs as per them it is not feasible with the arrival of the monsoon in the coming weeks. Not to hampered much the shooting of this film, the makers are hoping that the shooting will be resumed at the earliest so that they can start the indoor shooting and even the Yash raj films told the official person that the information of starting the shooting again is accurate as they have invested a huge amount of money on this condition set and don’t want that it should go on loses.

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