Amazon India set to hire 50000 temporary employees for warehousing, delivery to tackle demand amid crisis

E-commerce industries are in great loss due to coronavirus outbreak. When lockdown 1.0 was announced by PM Modi e-commerce industries were allowed to sell only essential items like grocery and healthcare products. As a result, e-commerce industries have to lay-off their some part of their manpower.

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Now, govt. has allowed them to sell all items and run their all operations. So E-commerce major Amazon has announced to hire 50,000 temporary workers in order to boost its business and fulfil customers’ demand risen to a great extent as people were not able to online shopping for many days.

Amazon Senior Executive, Akhil Saxena said, “We want to continue helping customers all over India get everything they need so they can continue to practice social distancing.”

“(The move) will also keep as many people as possible working during this pandemic while providing a safe work environment for them,” said Saxena, Amazon’s VP for customer fulfilment operations in APAC, MENA & Latam.

The company said that these temporary workers will operate in Amazon’s fulfilment centres and will be considered as part of its delivery network. They will be placed on different roles in the company. The company has also instructed workers to follow safety measures like wearing of mask mandatory, daily temperature checking, cleaning of all sites regularly by sanitizing and regular hand-washing and hand sanitization to prevent the spread of coronavirus in community. While this time many e-commerce companies are downsizing its workforce to survive in the market, Amazon has announced for this hiring to remain in business.

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