Amazon India will use the rail network to deliver consignments faster

Amazon India has strengthened its partnership with Indian Railways to transport its parcels via rails amid the nationwide lockdown. The e-commerce giant is using the ‘Covid-19 Parcel Special Trains’ introduced by Railways to transfer essential items to the customers across the country. The operation is taking place over 55 lanes during the lockdown period. Development of the rail network to supplement road and air network to transport customer packages is another step towards the long-term partnership of Amazon India and Indian Railways.

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Abhinav Singh, Director–Amazon Transportation Services, Amazon India stated, “In these unprecedented times, we understand the importance of ensuring that critical supplies reach our customers across the country. With the support of ‘Covid-19 Parcel Special’ trains introduced by the Indian Railways, we are confident that we can further fulfil customer orders with enhanced speed and capacity,” the railways will support from the Railway Board and zones across Western, Central, Northern, Eastern, South Central, Southern, South Eastern, North East Frontier, North Western and South Western to support transportation amid lockdown.

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with Amazon India and offer services of ’Covid-19 Parcel Special Trains’ to ensure that the essential needs of the public across the country are met and fulfilled by Amazon. We will continue to build on this partnership to help the industry service customers during this critical period,” said an official at the Indian Railways. Amazon said that this enhanced network will help their sellers to deliver the goods across the country and will allow customers to access a large variety of essentials.

Amazon has always prioritized the delivery of items which are of high priority to the customers with ensuring the security of its associates. The company partnered with Indian Railways for the inter-city delivery of items in 2019 on 13 lanes and also partnered to pickup kiosks for customers in Kolkata and Mumbai.

Under the lockdown, till May 3 the e-commerce companies are only allowed to deliver essential items such as grocery, healthcare and pharmaceutical products under the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. However, the companies have been urging the government to include ‘work from home’ and ‘study from home’ materials under essential items.

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