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Amazon Prime Video releases Homecoming season 2 trailer

The first season played by American singer and actor Janelle Monae. The season starts with her waking up to the rowboat, she has no memories of who she is and how she gets there. The teaser of 30 seconds was released on 30th April. In that teaser, the character is trying to figure it out who she is.

In this second season, the mystery is all about Geist group, the shadowy organization which was the centre of the first season. As Monae’s character trying to find her character, this search takes her to the heart company.

Canadian actor Stephen James who will play the role of Walter Cruz. He is trying to start a new life after the trauma of war. Hong Chau also returns as Audrey Temple. Chris Copper as Leonardo Geist, the company’s founder and Joan Cusack as eccentric military woman Francine Bunda.

Season one-star cast was: Julia Roberts, Sam Esmail, Chad Hamilton and Gimlet Media’s Chris Giliberti, Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber.
Season first was directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez.

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