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Amid lockdown, Ajay Devgn dropped his video song “Tahar Ja”

Ajay Devgn presents ” Tahar Ja” a song urging the world to slow down and stay home for the safety of their loved omes during the global pandemic. The effort of togetherness and hope. It was produced by Ajay Devgn. Lyrics was written by Anil Verma and sung by be Mehul Vyas. The song is published on 25 April, 2020 that is today. It makes our eyes full of liquid.

The actor has also portrayed the role of an underworld gangster in the film ‘ once upon a time in Mumbai’. The song not only talking about the importance of staying home but also the need to stay happy and calm in these difficulties. Through the song he said, all of them should protect ourselves and our beloved relations. We must treat them with care and loving. All of them keep themselves cool and stay inside the home. This video entirely made on home and another speal is his son helped him to make this video. Ajay Devgn took to Twitter, the actor of ‘The Singham’ movie shared the song with acaption that read ” pause. Reflect. Pray. We will weather this Strom together. Stay home, stay safe, stay happy. Apna ke liye # Thahar Ja”. Ajay spoke about the song in an interview with Bombay Times and said, ” Anil ( Verma ) is our in-house writer and has written songs for Tanhaji.

The unsung warrior, too. He had written these lines and I liked the idea. The song is more about mental health and happiness. Through the song, we are trying to explain to the common man that you have been working all your life for your family, so now, for the sake of their safety, you have to stay at home. So ‘ Tahar ja apno ke liye ‘ Among the curfew the song reach all over the social media. In this video some group of people was worked inside the home. It suggest us that , we must stay home and do some work happily. Ongoing coronavirus crisis he dropped his song. The VFX has been supervised by Naveen Paul edited by Dharmendra Sharma and online PKG by Shakti Harija.

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