Amidst lockdown migrant workers are choking Delhi- UP borders.


Workers, were moved from there village to as support their families, financial problem to the city. The migrant workers were working for low wages in city. Due Covid-19 breakdown the migrant workers are affected a lot. They are not allowed to work so, the workers are decided to leave the city and move to the village. There family members are waiting for the their arrival. Amidst lockdown migrant workers choking Delhi and Up borders.

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“Lockdown migrant workers due to Covid-19”

The workers are migrated to support there family financial standard, They were struggling to increase the wages but they work only for ₹100 to ₹500 per day. This wages will help them to lead per day. Now Covid-19, which trends entire world. The government had taken the measure to save the people for this pandemics disease Covid-19. There was the lockdown, to stay home until the problem is solved. Because of this migrant workers are affected to large extent. They were not given job, so, they decided to leave the city and go to their native. They are against the rule of prime minister Narendra Modi.

They were men and some children and women joined them. The police had tired to stop them but they continued the journey by walking to village. This created many issues men and the police. There are willing to stay in native place due to lockdown in work. These people also affects financial. there is no savings or any account. Recently bank had not given loans the any individual, these peoples are affected to the greater extent. To overcome this crises, The government of India had decided to help the people by financial. To make people more comfortable, G20 summit also organised to fight against the financial crises due to Covid-19. The people are very much affected when got lockdown in Delhi- UP borders. The police provided them transport fertility, but they refused. Because they is no money due to the lockdown in their jobs. Many people shared the emotion to the police. their cries are came to government.

” Not in bus, through walking”

The people made their travel through walking. It is too long, It takes approximately 500- 600 miles, workers rejected the provided buses and decided to walk to their villages. The police requested them but no one is ready to obey them. Covid-19 breaks the normal men lifecycle. It had to face the situation by staying home because without any expenditure it is impossible to lead the family. When the workers came to know, job are stopped due to Covid-19, their decided to leave the city and move to their villages. Migrant workers belong to various villages, not from single native. when their are locked by police, their are decided to make the travel by walking. Lockdown had come with Covid-19. people was facing the problem and difficult to overcome.

“Financial crises”

Due to Covid-19, they was the crisis in finance which cannot be overcome immediately. Because of this problem, the migrant workers are traveling to the native. The government had announced only that people must stay at home but their didn’t any economic support which affects the workers. Covid-19 thread the government. If this lockdown extent, it will destroy the entire India by finance.


Migrant workers were lockdown because of Covid-19.This was a big issue to government and the people. Government should give the financial support to the families, which is only the remedies to defend Covid-19.

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