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Amidst the Pandemic Earthquake hits Delhi – NCR


Following this pandemic disease, Delhi is facing another problem. Recently there was an earthquake in Delhi- NCR, it also hits many places in Delhi. Delhi is the capital city of India where many important financial buildings are located. If the earthquake is in high range it will leads the survival problem in the city. As Delhi is facing financial crises and many were suffering due to lockdown, Earthquake also created the fear in the minds of people. The Earthquake was the recent problem in Delhi. It occurred in morning, which threads entire peoples in Delhi.

“Impacts of Earthquake”

Today morning, the Delhi is met with an earthquake. It created the fear in minds of many people. Many areas are in safest side but some cities are facing the impact. Though they are the financial crises due to the lockdown, It is hard for the government to overcome the financial loss. some Buildings in the cities are escaped with small dangers. The prediction says, that Delhi will face the several consequences because of Earthquake. During this time, the earthquake made an another suffering. The individual are doing their favour to overcome the problems. if the earthquake hits a place, it will destroy the entire requirements of the people. It will affect the living of the people in that area. Earthquakes are predicted earlier by the NASA and the people are saved from the server damage. Many earthquake hits India before. Some causes less damage to the locality and other has larger impact on locality.

“Causes for earthquake”

Main reason for the earthquake is landslides and soil pollution. Human are destroying the quality of land by putting bore well and reducing the underground water level which results in drought to that region. Increasing the amount of bore well leads to damage in earth crust and result in earthquake. I have met with an earthquake in our locality during my childhood. It was mild in reaction and it destroys only few building’s in the area. The main reason for the earthquake in our locality is bore wells. Many people are decided to put bore well because of the scarcity of water. The are moving to put the borewells because of the scarcity of water. The reduction in ground water table leads to increasing in temperature of soil.
Pollution of land is by dumping non degradable waste materials in the soil. In Delhi which is an metropolitan city, many people moves from villages to cities for employment and education. so, the waste level increases and leads to earthquake.

“Recent sufferings of Delhi due to Covid-19”

India is facing financial crises which refers as the refers as each citizen in India is facing the financial crises. Many schools and colleges had been converted as medical care centres to treat Covid-19 patients and as research centre. Their is no medicine for thi pandemic disease, many doctors had undergone the research to fight against the bio war. Because of this many schools and colleges are converted into medical centres, research areas and shelter for migrant workers. when the school are converted into care centres it will entire affects the Indi who are living there. This makes the native people to move to other places and that becomes another crisis. so, Government made entirely lockdown to cities and towns .


Covid-19 had became the thread to entire world, not only migrant workers are affected but also many banks and people are affected at the major extent. They are two problems arise in Delhi and for earthquake the Delhi government provides the precaution to overcome the crisis.

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