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Amit Shah assures people that enough food and supplies are available

PM Speech:

The most awaited speech of honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi today has cleared the suspense over the national lockdown. As predicted by some officials earlier, the national lockdown has been extended again up to 3 May 2020. 
With this lockdown not only does there exist a decline in the country’s economy, but all the production, manufacture, and transport works also have been stopped. So, one of the concerns is if we could have enough supplies for the next 3 weeks. Though steps are being taken to ensure there is no shortage of food and other necessities, a few people doubt that.

Home Minister’s Tweet:

Hours after the PM’s speech, the Home Minister and also president of the ruling party; has tweeted about the extension.
He assured that India has got sufficient amounts of food and other supplies essential, for the extended period of lockdown, and there is no need to worry about them. 
He has made it clear that when all the countries are busy fighting the global pandemic, India, under the leadership of Modiji has set an example of how to fight it.
He said that the contribution of doctors, health workers, sanitation workers, security personnel is heart-touching and expressed his concern by hoping they are taking care of their health.

He praised the efforts of State Governments in collaboration with the Center. We can survive this war only when we are in it together.
He appreciated the work being done by various organizations to feed the needy and also requested the affluent people to contribute to them. 
He expresses gratitude to the Prime Minister for everything. The PM is a true leader.


Earlier, a decision of lockdown was taken on 25 March, after Janata Curfew on 22 March. From that day, a strict 21-day lockdown was implemented in all states and Union Territories. The public movement was strictly restricted. A curfew was laid from 7 pm to 6 am the next day. Only one person was allowed to go out of the house in the day time; only to buy the necessary commodities like vegetables, fruits, groceries, medicines. The policemen took action against people who came onto the roads with no proper reason, and also those without masks. Though there were some issues at places, like with migrant workers, students studying in different states, the lockdown has had positive effects. It can be said that this big step from our PM has helped our country out of the pandemic. It proved that India, which still holds its name as a ‘developing country’ is well prepared to fight the global pandemic, which rich countries like the US aren’t able to. Thanks to the foresight of our Prime Minister.

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