Ananya Panday ‘deleted’ WhatsApp chats before submitting her phone to NCB?

With Aryan Khan in custody, the NCB has been trying to find out others who are involved with smuggling and consumption of drugs. Ananya Panday was the first person who was questioned by NCB after going over Khan’s WhatsApp chats. After a few hours of questioning, the NCB officials have also taken her phone and laptop for investigation. 

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Ananya Panday 'deleted' WhatsApp chats before submitting her phone to NCB?

New things have been caught after the investigation. After an initial run over the chats, the NCB had suspected that Panday might be smuggling drugs to others. However, now the officials have found out more that supports the theory. 

They found out that there were quite some chats that seemed to be deleted by the actress herself. What it was about, is yet to be found. The NCB informed ANI “Questioning of actor Ananya Panday being done over some suspicious financial transactions and also in connection with WhatsApp chats with Aryan Khan. The actor was questioned regarding this yesterday.” 

The actress has denied anything of this sort and has mentioned that though she did not smuggle drugs, she might know someone else who has done it.   

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