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Ananya Panday shares beautiful pictures clicked by her co-star Ishaan Khattar amid a backlash against KhaliPeeli

I don’t think the funky 22-year-old actress, Ananya Pandey even needs an introduction after she starred in the popular Hindi film that is a true testimony to today’s young generation, ‘Student of the Year 2’. Gaining popularity from that time Ananya continues to surprise us with her leading role in the comedy film, ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’.

Once again starring in the new upcoming film, Khali Peeli; which is a remade Telugu film. And this time a romantic film, things didn’t play straight. They were a little spiced up!

Starring in this film with her co-worker, Ishaan Khattar who plays the role of Bhanda Blackie. The movie takes an interesting turn where Ananya playing the role of Pooja and Blackie are childhood friends and get separated, and then reunite after a very long time but this time I’m very weird circumstances.

Unfortunately; since the movie is claimed to be a copy of a previously made Telugu film, and for many unexplained reasons, there was a major criticism received. It received 1.7 million dislikes after the trailer was released. Strangely enough; it ranks to be the second most disliked videos in the world after Sadak 2.

The critics all over the country offered myriad of reasons to not call it a great film and went to painstaking lengths to voice the film; and make drag it’s reputation into the ground.

The movie was slated to be released on the 12th of June, 2020. Unfortunately; the current pandemic situation retarded and hit the Bollywood industry greatly, and nearly stopped the shooting for weeks.

The 24-year-old actor, Ishaan Khattar who made his first debut in the film ‘Vah! Life Ho TO Aisi’ is everyone’s favourite of the child. Working tirelessly with the Director of the film Maqbool Khan, with Himanshu Mehra this film will now be released in a few months.
In spite of the heavy criticism received for the film by the general public, the most appreciable feature is the relationship that Ananya Pandey and Ishan Khattar share.

A recent post on Ananya’s Instagram of her in a Salwar Kameez and mesmerising smile, with giving credit to Ishaan Khattar turned caught everyone’s attention.


Ananya and Ishan seem to be away for the shooting of the film, and Ishaan seems to have caught Ananya at the right time just after sunrise. In spite of being in the very competitive nature of the Bollywood industry, both of these actors seem to smile and find time for the small and happy moments of life; and also manage to capture picture not only for us to enjoy, but also for them to remember later!

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