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Ankita Lokhande seeks justice for SSR says, ‘Justice4SSRIsGlobalDemand’

Justice4SSRIsGlobalDemand #itsalready3monthstoday

Was the caption of Ankita Lokhande‘s twitter post as she remembers the painful times three months back about the sudden death of the popular actor, Sushant Singh Rajput. She draws attention to that fact has it has been 3 months already and the matter is static, and no concrete developments have been made.

4th of June was a black day for Bollywood as Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his apartment; hanging to the fan. This death has woken up a lot of people towards the aspect of mental health. While the reason for Sushants death remains to be mysterious, no one till date has been able to make a concrete statement if this is, in fact, a suicide or a murder.

While many are inclined to believe that this is in fact a murder; one way or another, people do want the truth to come out. They want to see the wrong party suffer and they want Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput.

Apart from being a gentleman, Sushant was a very down to earth actor who was liked by all. He stole everyone’s hearts with his smile and brilliant acting.

Justice for SSR is in fact a global demand as it symbolises that the Bollywood industry can just Not reveal the truth and the details of someone’s death. It is also a way to prove that the Bollywood industry is not indirectly supporting nepotism and only playing along with those who have the power.

We stand by the Court of Law and hope that they bring justice for a grave matter like this. We also support Ankita Lokhande movement and pray for the best during such times.

Of Course, Sushant will always be in our thoughts as one of the best things that happened in Bollywood and wait patiently as things fall in place.

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