Anushka Sharma produced ‘Bulbul’ is now streaming only on Netflix, Check here for the review

‘Bulbul’ produced by Anushka Sharma has been released on Netflix. The movie belongs to the horror genre and has received mixed opinions from audiences.

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Bulbul deals with the story of a ‘chudail’ who borders on being a Devi. Despite the classic set-up, this ghost story does not go wholly by the genre playbook. Debutante writer-director Anvita Dutt renders the horror tale not so much as a regular cut-and-slash paranormal revenge thriller as a story of women wronged.

The mythical is inevitable in a film such as this. References to Goddess Kali in her most fearsome avatar abound and one key killing takes place on the day the deity is worshipped with fervour. The symbolism is predictable in a film that is otherwise focussed more on employing cinematic methods, rather than cliched associations, to convey mood and meaning.

In conclusion, Bulbul isn’t the sort of spine-chilling film that will spook you out of your mind but it is engaging enough not to ever let you off the hook.

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