Apple launched 2nd generation of iPhone SE amid the corona breakdown, No confirmed dates of launch in India


Technology had played the vital role in individuals life. Man had completely depends upon the technology and moving back of it. “Nothing is impossible.” In ancient day it’s suites the human, now a days it is applicable only to technology. Nothing is impossible when it move to the hands. It has given the best to world and we are enjoying. Communication is the essential need and it is made true by the development of Technology.

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“Entire world is in our hand”

“Dream- fall short of or fulfilled”

It’s being the question mark. But it will be fulfilled. Fulfilled in the sense it falls in the hand. Many of the dream is to buy the Apple iPhone. Because of it’s stupendous nature. it becomes the dream and stays the same. Now it is achieved. The new model Apple iPhone SE is placed in fixed Amount. No confirmed dates in India. If it had been launched, many of them dream falls in hand. Youngsters are happy to buy the new model as Apple iPhone has many advanced features then the android phone.

“Computer vs Smartphones”

Earlier, Computer had the advanced features than the smartphones. Mobile Phone are used only for communication purpose. Computer are the advantage form of technology.
Later, it had changed. Smartphones become the smaller form of computer. Technology had developed and it provides us the smartest way to approach the world. Work are done in comfortable way. what the computer does, can be done by the smartphones. Rather than communication it has the multiple choice.

“Comfortable for vision”

Many people lack their visual power, Even many are cannot see the computer and other devices. Smartphones is the reason for the reduction of eye power. But for those who has contact disability, smartphones are very helpful. As, it can be adjustable and kept closer to their vision. Many youngsters has the problem in visibility, even their are unable to see the computer distance, the words are not visible for them. In that case smartphones helps them. Everything can be done with the help of mobile phones as the technology provides as. Putting PowerPoint, projects, searching for information everything is done in smartphones. They are lot of features than the expected level. It is the time to thank the digital world. Without the use of mobile phones nothing can be made. As, Apple iPhone had the most advanced features than the android. Many are searching for the mobile phones.


Mobile Phone are present in every hands. If one has advantage it will also have disadvantages. Disadvantage are also should be considered. Technology affects the peace in world. Many small living organisms are destroyed because of the radiation comes out from the mobile phone. Ecosystem is damaged. Birds has it role to be played in the world. It also created to do favour for ecosystem. When it is killed by technology, its role is stopped and affects the entire normal functioning of ecosystem.


Apple iPhone SE didn’t launch in India. Apple company had the global connections. Technology had entered in every corner. It do what the man can and the man can’t. It had placed its feet in every field of science. Technology had the greatest advantage in India. Everything will come in one word. Technology are respected more than the individuals mind. Mobile Phone are present in every hands. The new model Apple iPhone SE is placed in fixed Amount. No confirmed dates in India. If it had been launched, many of them dream falls in hand.

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