Computer is a machine which calculates the mathematics calculation. Which was invented by the English scientist Sir Charles Babage. Before the invention of computer that’s known as abacas(2400 B. C)which was a 2 dimensional box in which there are some spokes with some balls to calculate.

After abacas that was passed in between some evolution. After abacas that machine was changed to the simple slide ruler . Which was invented in 1630.
Then there has some experiment during that region. In the year 1876 the analogue calculator was invented by Lord Kelvin who already proposed about to make calculators. After that Sir Charles Babage invented the mechanical analogue computer.

In the year 1938 United States invented the digital computer whose name is ZUSE 3 . This computer is used to take torpedo missile data in submarine during World War II.

After that the computer is passed with the ENIAC and at last modern computer was invented.

Computers can take in & process certain kinds of information much faster than we can. Computers learn much more quickly , too , narrowing complex choices to the most optimal ones. Yes , humans also learn mistakes.

Computers enjoy other advantages over people. They have better memories . Computers don’t require sleep the way humans do , so they can calculate , analyse & perform tasks .
Computers can performs it’s task in a little bit of time where it can be huge or not. It takes small time but it completes its task very sharply and accurate. Which is the weak point of human.

Human can’t go with perfect timing everywhere, so if in some case the that processing is slow then human can manage but a computer can’t.
In computer all the functions are caused by the coding or programming in microprocessor. If coding is wrong then the computer will give the false result, but for human that will be corrected in small time. That’s a advantage of human.
For a computer it can’t detect the sense of humour so it will be dangerous for security system. In some cases the owner will be affected.
Computer can heated by doing the extreme work the RAMs are affected due to that work. But for a human that’s not possible so human can do the work in infinite times in his lifespan.

Computer can learn faster y saving the in the memory. On the other hand human can’t.
Computers are not affected or influenced by emotions , feelings, wants , needs , and other factors that often cloud the judgement and intelligence of us more mortals.
On the other hand , humans are still superior to computers in many ways. We perform tasks, make decisions, and solve problems based not just on our intelligence . What we like to call our instincts , our common sense and perhaps most importantly our life experiences. But computers cannot experience life the way we do.

A person can write a poem, compose and play music , sing a song , create a painting. Also computer can write the poem, compose music and play music, but that’s like the robot. Computer can’t compose the music by feeling so the music can’t be audible to all.
Computer only knows the decimal and binary codes not our languages. Bu the code words computer can work. Computer can’t work in multiple languages it only works in machine languages, but for a human he/she can work in multilanguages. That’s an advantage of human.

For a computer the energy is electrical. So if there has a loadshading the computer can’t do anything. But for the human that’s mechanical energy that doesn’t affected by the power fluctuation or loadshading. That’s an advantage to us.
Computer can do the one at a time and some time human work greater than 1 at a time. Ex. Human can receive a phone call as well as he/she can write at the same moment. But for a computer that’s not possible.
Computer can’t do the work by emotion. So if we can delete a data that will be deleted but for human that’s not deleted from mind it will save in mind until death if there has no disease or accident.

“Today computers can learn faster than humans ,e.g., Watson can read and remember all the research on cancer , no human could “, says Maital. “ with deep learning Watson can also solve a problem , for example , how to treat a rare of cancer- and it has done so. So , in that sense computers can be smarter than humans. But one thing we have to think human invented the computer, not computer invented the human. So “always computer is lesser than the human mind’s intelligence” it is very true for human life.

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