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Arjun Kapoor’s recent Instagram posts are brightening our day, check here

One of the leading actors of India ARJUN KAPOOR is ruling our hearts with his new Instagram update. Its captions say that ‘ the light will guide you home’. We all know its pandemic time, which is a dark time for all. Dark is obviously all the negativity which is fought by light, which stands for positivity. In the darkness, the light always comes as a ray of hope. Isn’t it better when that ray of hope will take you to your safest place? I know you all will agree to it. What is everyone’s safest place, where you are who you are, you will feel so secured, its none other than your home. Isn’t it? When there are so much darkness and light comes as a ray of hope and takes you to the best place in the world your home. This caption of his picture is so deep, I can write for hours on it, but to cut short to one line it means no matter what negative and dark times you are facing, someday the light/positivity/ ray of hope will take you to the best place – your home or to someone who you think is your home. 

Today ARJUN KAPOOR  made three updates in total with the same caption that we already have discussed in detail. Let’s talk about the first picture. In this picture he is wearing black t-shit adding a bit of class to it he is wearing his Apple Watch, again in the same black colour. I personally love simple clothes with a bit of class. It’s just super adorable. We all know how important hair is to all boys, considering that fact Arjun is looking amazing with his this hairstyle. In this picture I think he is deep thinking about something, this expression says it all. Along with this, I feel the caption is quite relatable, deep just as the picture. This picture is amazing. 


Coming to the next picture, again it’s in the same outfit. Our ‘ CHOKRA IS LOOKING JAWAN ‘ in it. This line is from his first movie’s hit song. I am sure this song is part of everyone’s playlist. In this second update, he is looking so mature and his personality is super high. I would like to relate this picture with his life where he lost his mom at an early age, he was living alone with his sister. The way he managed it all like a mature man. It’s worthy of praise. 


Coming to the third and the last picture, where he is giving a side look. I guess you all will agree to this that the right half of his face is JHAKAAS, just like his uncle ANIL KAPOOR says. How many girls are going to fall for this picture? I know many, please count me in. That intense look is superb. Most of us like guys who have this intense look, that’s the reason most of us will fall for this picture. I personally love the way Arjun is, he is fun-loving but this serious look is not less than that. We all face all kinds of emotions, some are good others are bad. But it’s important for life. We will not value good feelings unless we have faced bad ones. The happiness that comes with that is the next level. Which doubles the good emotions. So if we are facing any negative emotions we should wait for our positivity/ our ray of hope, our LIGHT to come and take us to our home. 

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