Army Cheif General MM Naravane to visit injured soldiers of Galwan Valley attack

Indian Army Chief, General M M Naravane will be on 2-day visit to Ladakh as of Tuesday, to visit the 14 Leh commander corps which is the counter-terrorism epicentre and also examine the current situation of Ladakh and the India-China talks. He will also meet the soldiers injured due to the armed fights on June 15 at Galwan Valley.

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The Indian and Chinese military had conducted a Lieutenant General-level 11 hours talks at Moldo on the Chinese side of Chushul in eastern Ladakh on Monday and are likely to resume on Tuesday. The talks demanded China troops to immediately withdraw from the eastern Ladakh and also focus on the planned attacks.

On June 15, 20 soldiers were killed with 76 were injured in the deadly crash that broke out over the Chinese refusing to remove a tent as part of what was agreed on June 6. India and China have been discussing through military and diplomatic channels the de-escalation of the situation in the border area in Eastern Ladakh,” says Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said. According to an official “The two armies have since withdrawn some forces in a positive signal but soldiers, tanks and other armoured carriers remained heavily deployed in the high-altitude region”.

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