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Arunachal Pradesh passes a new rule, ‘No Mask, No Fuel’ in the state

With the national lockdown imposed, a lot of people have sincerely stayed at home; except for emergencies. But there has been a section of the society not abiding by the rules. With this, the authorities and officials have taken up several measures and ways to end the ways of the defaulters.

The Government of Arunachal Pradesh acted uniquely by implementing the ‘No Mask, No Fuel’ rule. Anyone without a mask can neither get petrol nor fuel in that state.
The Government of Arunachal Pradesh has asked all petrol depots and gas agencies to strictly not serve any customer visiting without a mask.

The District Food and Civil Supplies Officer (DFCSO) Amit Bengia said that the Government’s move was to ensure the safety of the public amidst the pandemic.
Arunachal Pradesh has reported only a single case and no deaths.

Capital Complex Petroleum Depot Association president Arun Kipa Loram declared that they had instructed the petrol pump owners and managers accordingly.
“We have specifically asked them to ensure that there is no negligence during working hours and appealed to the people to follow the government order and wear masks when they step out to buy fuel,” Loram said.

A few other states have also stared implementing this rule.
Earlier, the customers were not given petrol if they didn’t have a helmet put on. The COVID-19 has changed the situation from helmet to mask.
Also, Tripura has initiated ‘No Mask, No Vegetables’, likewise.

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