Arvind Kejriwal says, ‘Integrated efforts of people and govts attained victory over Covid-19, fight not over yet’.

On Saturday, the chief minister of Delhi i.e. Arvind Kejriwal declared that with the integrated efforts of people of this nation, and government all together have attained the victory over COVID-19 but still the fight is not over yet. While inaugurating the Delhi government hospital in Burari which has 450 beds through videoconferencing, Arvind Kejriwal declared that in the last one month that all the parameters related to a decrease in the spread of pandemic i.e. coronavirus have improved in the national capital to some extent.

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Even the chief minister of Delhi announced that it has been analyzed and found that around two crore people of Delhi, Delhi government and the Centre together have achieved the victory over this pandemic coronavirus. Along with that, Kejriwal also said that they have found that the number of Covid-19 cases in Delhi has decreased in the past one month resulting in the reduction of the death rate, as a slight improvement in the recovery rate has been increased which has given a big relief to the people residing in the Delhi.

Till now, it has been reported that there were around 12800 COVID-19 cases in Delhi but now the Arvind Kejriwal told that they have seen an improvement as the patients are recovering soon and also, it has been estimated that Delhi has reached the peak time of this pandemic disease due to which they can see a drastic change in the nation. But, it doesn’t mean that people will stop following the basic guidelines issued by the government such as wearing of the masks, using sanitizers for their safety. The situation has been come under control because of the joint efforts of Delhi and the central government.

He also makes a statement that this pandemic situation is not terrible as they have predicted one month ago, stating a belief confidently that at present we can see the reduction rate in the coronavirus cases. From our side, we have tried our best so that we can provide the medical services as the Delhi government approached all those communities who could, in turn, help them in dealing with the situation. As the Delhi government from their side get in touch with several hotels, banquet halls, social and various organizations for the help. Apart from that, we started Plasma bank also and requested the people to come forward and start donating as they can save somebody’s life. In regards to this, we opened various centres especially for the COVID-19 patients, and provide them with the best medical assistance.

Also, the CM Arvind Kejriwal requested the people not to make any blunder as with so much joint effort of the citizens along with the Delhi government, this Delhi has overcome from the situation and currently, the fight has not over yet as we have to keep up the spirit. As there is a proverb, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst” so we all pledge together that all the citizens along with the government will continue to keep our preparations to deal with this situation”, as declared by the chief minister of Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal told that with the increase in the number of beds to treat the Covid-19 patients, testing from door to door, home isolation, usage of pulse oximeters and oxygen concentration, usage of plasma therapy and screening has helped the capital to tackle with this Coronavirus. Also, he told that taking action against unruly laboratories has also resulted in streamlining the situation. Earlier, the Delhi government has faced many obstacles while dealing with the infectious virus now they have controlled the same.

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