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Arvind Kejriwal says it’s time to reopen Delhi and announces new rules to be followed in the lockdown 3.0

The third phase of the lockdown has begun from today as it was necessary to
contain the spread of the virus among the people.

Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal has said to reopen Delhi again along with
some protocols to be followed while the opening. He said that after the 2 phases of
lockdown in the country, Delhi is now fully prepared to open and start the basic
necessary activities of daily lives.

In a press conference, Delhi’s chief minister said” Delhi government will implement all
lockdown relaxations as prescribed by the home ministry” He stated about the rules
that everyone will be required to follow such as social distancing and avoid using
public places as much. This opening is not meant in any way for the people to come
out and start over with their lives as they had before. It will take some time for the
life to return back to normal.

The government and private office will soon be opening along with restricted
attendance. the guidelines delivered by the home ministry state for the continued
suspension of travelling ways like metro or airlines.

The third phase of the lockdown begins today but the curbs are continued in
containment areas so as the achieved targets against the fight from covid 19 are not
squandered away.

The country has been divided into 3 zones namely red, orange and green zones with
the rules being the strictest for the red zones.

The new announcement has a list of relaxations that will be applied in the capital.

● All government offices will be opening and those involved in essentials
services will have 100 % attendance
● For non-essential services, only the deputy secretary nad 33 per cent staff is
required to report.
● Salons will be closed
● Any sort of gatherings, be it social or political will remain banned. Schools,
malls and gyms will be banned.
● No movement or people from 7 pm to 7 am
● Elderly people, pregnant women and people will medical conditions are urged
to stay home except for essential or health-related meetings.
● A self-employed person is allowed to resume commercial activities.
● Stationery and standalone shops are allowed to be opened.
● OPDs are allowed to work in all the zones due to them being crucial for the
health of the people.
● Flights and travel ways are still said to be suspended.
● Print and electronic media along with private security firms are allowed to
● Weddings are allowed to have 50 people and funerals to have only 20.
● In-situ constructions and renewable energy projects are said to resume.
Shops selling paan gutka or liquor are allowed as they are standalone in
some societies or places.
● All the banks and NBFC and other financial sectors are allowed to open

The people are losing jobs and the government has no source of revenue, the
economy has gone haywire. People are agitated to have the entire Delhi as a red
zone. There are 96 containment zones in the capital of the country The existing
revenue is not enough to pay the employees and feed the nation altogether. we will
have to learn to live with coronavirus.

There are 384 fresh cases of the coronavirus which has taken the number to the
highest peak of 4122 as of Saturday. The Delhi government recorded 62 deaths in
total along with three new fatalities.

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