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As Monsoon arrives in Maharashtra, IMD issues warnings for heavy rainfall


The southwest monsoon arrives in Maharashtra. There will be a favourable condition for that. Already, the monsoon gets started to shower in other State like Mumbai etc., So IMD has given a warning about the monsoon.


IMD gave a warning about the monsoon. They said that the southwest monsoon is going to arrive In Maharashtra on Thursday with heavy rain. Heavy rainfall warning is given by them.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) also added that the monsoon becomes strong in the other three or four days and it covers the whole Maharashtra by June 24 to June 25. It normally covers most of Maharashtra by June 12.

The condition is favourable in part of south Maharashtra, Konkan and Goa. Due to the wind pattern, these regions are getting good rainfall.
The monsoon become weak in the part of south peninsular India, including south interior Karnataka, north interior Karnataka, Coastal Andrea, etc., Even Vidarbha and Marathwada will also get good

Let’s see the warning given for the cyclone storm:

Kashyapi said that to maintain the monsoon spatial continuity, the onset over parts of south Maharashtra and Konkan still cannot be declared, as the monsoon will first have to cover parts of south peninsular India. “Whatever moisture was there over these regions was depleted by the very severe cyclonic storm, Vayu. Thatswhy the monsoon’s advance over parts of Karnataka, Andrea Pradesh, and the rest of Tamil Madurai is becoming a problem. So technically, the monsoon’s onset over parts of Maharashtra still cannot be declared, as the monsoon needs to proceed in a uniform manner, ’’he said.

The warning is given for the fishermen by IMD:

Fishermen are asked not to venture into the sea. Because the low-pressure area in the west-central Arabian Sea is likely to become a depression. That’s going to bring a pre-monsoon in the Coastal area of Maharashtra in the first week of June.


The Vayu storm does not attack Gujarat. It going to attack the coastal areas only. All the instructions about the monsoon are given by the IMD. Warning for the fishermen also already given by the IMD.

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