Ashish Chanchlani breaks his silence on “Fake Views” allegations…

YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani’s befitting reply shuts the mouth of the trollers up. On Monday the Twitter was stormed as the #ashishchanchlanipaidviews started to trend.

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After his new video “Sasta Biig Bosss” gained over 30M views on YouTube some Twitter accounts started the movement #ashishchanchlanipaidviews. The trolling accounts started to post a screenshot of the stats showing that Ashish Chanchlani paid a sum of 5lakhs to buy views on his latest video. Though the Twitter account was not reasonable as the Youtuber showed his account stats on his Instagram video.

On speaking about the allegation and trending of his name’s hashtag on Twitter the YouTuber posted a video on his Instagram account telling, “Somebody is trying to spread fake news against me And the most hilarious thing? He is buying bots to prove that I am buying fake views #IRONY 😂😂😂

The YouTuber also mentioned the suspicious tweets of the account as all the tweets mentioning the paid view seemed like bots. Though the accounts which were posting about him getting paid views were bots or not is still unknown, the hilarious replies of his fellow YouTubers on his insta video kept his audiences entertained. YouTubers like Bhuban Bam, Harsh Beniwal, Slay point and other YoTube content creators supported the Youtuber along with his fans.

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