Ashish Chanchlani shares an IGTV video over the Youtube vs Tiktok controversy: Watch the video here

Youtube is an online video-sharing platform which is now at a high peak. People make good money out of it. In recent years, Indian youtubers have achieved great success through this platform. Tiktok is also one such video-sharing social networking application. As Youtube and Tiktok have quite a few similarities, creators of both the platforms have indulged in controversy by claiming which one is the best. It all started with Carryminati’s youtube video of “Youtube vs Tiktok.” In the video YouTuber and tiktoker- Amir Siddiqui were shown roasting each other. By this video, a hot topic eventually started growing among people. Youth spread their views on both platforms. They started criticizing and with that controversies came into existence on this topic.

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On May 8th, 2020, ‘Youtube vs Tiktok’ video of Carryminati was uploaded and since that day controversies set to fire. Day by day the situation was becoming worse as hatred was being spread around through social media. With concern to this, Indian YouTuber- Ashish Chanchlani posted an IGTV on his Instagram in which he shares a story describing the whole scenario. He narrates that- ‘there was this man with a leather jacket and has a towel around. He further says that there was one another man who is named YouTuber and is asking about the standard of the leather jacket guy. Youtuber is asking “Teri aukat kya hai?” With this many other people came into the frame. Two groups were formed and both groups included youtubers but were against each other. One group of youtubers was in support of that YouTuber who questioned the leather jacket man and the other group was against the YouTuber who questioned. The other group, on the contrary, starts questioning the standards of the YouTuber and asks him that “Teri aukat kya hai.” And both the groups of youtubers enter in an argument of measuring each other’s standards. By the time that leather jacket man flees from the whole scenario and a picture gets twisted and youtubers community is seen indulged in quarrelling.’

With this sensitive issue, Ashish got concerned and decided to share a video with a message to stop such roasting. Ashish says that nowadays when we wake up and surf through the internet, there is nothing except the hype of youtube versus TikTok. Everyone is arguing and youtube has turned into a BigBoss house. To mock this thing Ashish also says that his own watchman has started making videos in which he gives his views on youtube vs TikTok. Ashish urges every YouTuber and requests to stop this thing. He says we are one community and we shouldn’t be fighting against each other. Due to this, there is so much negativity spreading around. He recommends everyone to watch Sandeep Maheshwari and Gaur Gopal Das videos in order to maintain peace, harmony, love and positivity.

At the end of the video, Ashish says, “Ese videos banana padte hai jab khudke subscribers nahi badhte, badhane padte hai.” With this, it could be concluded that people are getting highly influenced by this hot topic and unsubscribing youtubers for such an irrational argument. Thereby with the gesture of joining hands, Ashish pleads to stop this controversy.

Here’s the link to Ashish Chanchlani’s IGTV:

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