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B-Town CELEBS who are “chain-smokers”.

Smoking has been portrayed as a trendy and fashionable habit by everyone from recognisable heroes to seductive heroines. Nonetheless, there are cultural ramifications of this trend that merit investigation. Bollywood may be a city of dreams and glitz, but it’s also a place where unhealthy habits and addictions develop. Here are Bollywood celebs who are chain smokers.

B-Town CELEBS who are "chain-smokers".

1] SHAH RUKH KHAN- SRK confessed he is a chain smoker. On the birth of his younger son, he said, “Will I be there to do the same thing that I did with my older kids? Yes, that is a worry. So that keeps you smoking less, drinking less, and exercising more. I plan to give up all (smoking, drinking, etc.) and try to be healthier and happier.”

2] SANJAY DUTT- Talking about his addiction, the actor said, “Drug addiction is a disease which cannot be cured. Today, if I think I can smoke up a joint, I’m finished. The fear of relapse is in the first five-six months of quitting. I divert my mind to the gym. I started feeling good with my body.”

3] RANBIR KAPOOR- The actor is known for his acting and talent but also for his smoking habits.

4] HRITIK ROSHAN- The Geek God of Bollywood was a chain smoker once.

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