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B-Town CELEBS who did “small jobs” before being famous.

It is not always that celebs find fame and entrance to the industry from the first. Some have to do other odd jobs after which they got entrance into Bollywood. Here are some of the celebs who did normal jobs before being famous.

B-Town CELEBS who did "small jobs" before being famous.

1] KIARA ADVANI- Kiara Advani had to work in a pre-school where she took care of small kids before she entered Bollywood. She said, “I sang nursery rhymes, made them learn alphabets and numbers and even changed their diapers”.

2] SHAH RUKH KHAN- Before SRK became the ‘King’ he is today, he used to work as an attendant at concerts in Delhi.

3] TAPASEE PANNU- She is a graduate of engineering but did not pursue a career in it. She and her friends had developed an app called ‘Font Swap’ which leads users to change fonts on iPhone.

4] PARINEETI CHOPRA- She was a marketing intern at Yash Raj Films before her talent was discovered in the same place.

5] RAJINIKANTH- He worked as a bus conductor before he became the ‘god’ for everyone.

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