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Latest 100+ Funny Pubg Memes 2019


A PUBG is a battle royale game with 100 players playing against each other.(mostly not true because there is only bot in the game). There are many reasons the game is so famous.

COMMUNICATION plays important role in the game for interacting with friends and family even in game you can team up with opponents or make new friends. If there is good communication between teammates then it is very easy to take down any situation.

HIGHLY CUSTOMISABLE TEXTURE the game can be played from a certain low end phone to a very high end gaming phone so majorly anyone can play this game on their phone. 

REALISTIC this game has lots of action packed in it like grenade blasting , blasting of cars which attracts a youngsters very much. Ranking and tier system gives something to show off yourself among your friends or public. This gives the idea of among your friends which further increase the zeal to play it.

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The PUBG game is the fifth selling game in the world so there should be some famous funny pubg memes on it so here’s the list of Best 15 FUNNY PUBG MEMES


1. When you killed some and your friend takes the loot.

2. When your friend helps you in cheating and tell you the answer.

3. We all know how much time M249 takes to reload (approximately 6 seconds).

4. When you are surrounded with the enemies from all over.


5. Pubg addict can understand this easily.


6. When you loose a match in PUBG, the excuses you give to your friends.


7. When you die first in the squad and wait for your friends to die.

8. Battery level when you want to play PUBG with your friends.

9. When you take your mobile phone in the toilet to Pubg.

10. Only Pubg Player can understand this. LOL!

11. PUBG Mobile Player to PUBG Emulator Players.

12. When country’s Prime Minister favourite games is PUBG.

13. When you found a flare ammo from the crate and your friend have a flare gun.

14. When you land in Pochinki to fight and ends up with asking for HELP!

15. Noob players land in Pochinki, Pro Players land in School and Legends land in Georgopol.

16. When you don’t get M416, but got UZI before your enemy gets gun.

17. When the blue circle is closing in on you.

18. When you choose pan over other weapons.

19. When you spend 0.002 seconds to open a door.

20. You can’t let down your teammates if you play solo.


 21. You – How’s the ping? and your teammates replied High Sir

22. When your friends says he’s going to sleep but you meet him in the another match.

23. When it’s Kar98k from far and shotgun when you come near.


24. Every Indian Mom to his son.

25. PUBG PLAYERS can understand this.

26. Fact:- We get more loot in the shack.

 27. After installing PUBG LITE.

28. Next Morning after playing PUBG till 4 A.M


29. Me in exam hall: Trying to remember the answer

30. Me changing my setting mid-match.

31. My teammates when they found a bot and when they face a real enemy.

32. Thief! Murderer! PUBG Hacker!

33. When friend calls 8x to 8 EX.

34. AWM headshot be like.

35. Me during lectures and Me during PUBG.

36. Player 1- Bro can you give 5.56mm ammo? Player 2- Sorry bro….have only 30!

37. When you choose Pubg over Girlfriend.

38. Never asks a PUBG MOBILE PLAYER his/her rank after SEASON UPDATE.

39. When you use Sniper, rifle, pistol and shotgun for long range.


Hope you like the best funny pubg memes and i hope you die laughing too hard. If you like these memes also share with your friends so that they will also enjoy this. Keep visiting FRESHTALK for more memes like this. Thanks and Goodbye!

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