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Bharti Singh reveals her ‘transformation journey’, her secret is HERE.

The actor-comedian Bharti Singh who has entertained us throughout so many years had an amazing transformation recently. People were shocked at this sudden change and the fans have gone crazy over her latest Instagram posts. 

Bharti Singh reveals her 'transformation journey', her secret is HERE.

Bharti Singh was known for being overweight and she had never felt bad about it. In fact, she had made fun of it herself. However, recently the actress has lost a ton of weight and people want to know her secret. 

In a recent interview, Singh revealed that it was the pandemic that had made her get a better lifestyle. As the second lockdown was announced, Singh was left without any household left. This forced her to do everything on her own. She realized that she was getting extremely tired by doing a few chores. This was because she has not been taking care of her body at all. 

She said in that interview “When we were doing Khatra Khatra Khatra, I would often talk to all these actors and they mentioned how they would fast long hours. I decided to give it a try. While initially, I would crave food late at night, I worked hard on it and now my body has accepted the new change. I don’t follow any diet, I just don’t eat anything between 7 pm-12 pm. I have my regular parathas, eggs, dal-sabzi, everything I have always liked”. 

Bharti has already lost 15 kgs and she is content with how she looks. In fact, even we are thinking of embracing this diet.


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