Bigg Boss 14- Rakhi and Rubina lock horns, latter calls her CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT…

In the past couple of episodes of Bigg Boss 14Rakhi Sawant gave us a glimpse of what she claims is her crazy love story with Abhinav Shukla by etching the words, I Love Abhinav, in red all over her body. She then switched to her Julie mode and scissored Abhinav’s underwear on national television.

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Rakhi will now hit a new low by trying to pull Abhinav’s pants down. But his wife Rubina Dilaik is going to take things lying down. Rubina Dilaik, who was standing there, saw and this was flabbergasted at Rakhi. She warned, “Rakhi, apni haddein cross mat kijiye” (Rakhi, don’t cross your limits).

In the garden area, Abhinav Shukla is lying down on the sofa, Rakhi goes and sits beside him. She verbally irritates Abhinav, while the latter gets up and leaves. Rakhi goes and lies on the same sofa and says, “Sofa tumne ekdum garam kar diya” (You’ve completely warmed the sofa).

She continues her cheap flirting and teasing and then Rubina says, “If you don’t respect my husband, I will be the first one to face you.” She warns her about crossing her limits and calls her gameplay as cheap entertainment. Later, Rakhi argues with Rubina that Abhinav could be her husband in real life, but in Bigg Boss 14 he is her co-competitor in the series.

She tells Rubina that she will continue to do what she thinks is entertainment, which makes Rubina even angrier. The two ladies are seen locking horsing and are seen as enemies and no sooner we believe we’ll witness an ugly spat. So Stay tuned for more updates!

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