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Bipasha Basu reveals the birth of her daughter.

On 30th April 2016, Karan Grover and Bipasha Basu exchanged vows. The couple fell in love when they first met while working on the set of their horror movie Alone. Their first child was born in November 2022. On November 12, 2022, Bollywood couple Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover welcomed their first child into the world. They were fortunate to have a daughter, whom they named Devi Basu Singh Grover. The fact that Devi was born with two holes in her heart and required open heart surgery at the age of three months was unknown, despite the frequent appearances of them sharing glimpses of their parenthood with Devi on social media.

Bipasha Basu reveals the birth of her daughter.

Recently, Bipasha Basu and Neha Dhupia had a conversation on Instagram about motherhood during which she revealed some startling details about the health of her daughter after birth.

Basu talked about how the couple discovered Devi’s heart condition on the third day after becoming parents, which made their experience different from that of other parents. When a mother learns that her child is born with two holes in her heart, it can be difficult. I learned this on the third day after giving birth. The actor said” I initially thought I wouldn’t share this, but I’m sharing this because I feel there are a lot of mothers who helped me on this journey, and it was very difficult to find those mothers.

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