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Bollywood CELEBS who faced “legal trouble” for hurting religious sentiments!

Bollywood celebs are always under the scanner of the media. One tiny mistake and they make it into the headlines. There have been many times when celebs have faced legal trouble for hurting legal sentiments. Here are some of them.

Bollywood CELEBS who faced "legal trouble" for hurting religious sentiments!

1] Taapsee Pannu- The actor was seen wearing a chick party dress with a Goddess Laxmi necklace which did not go well with the masses. She has been slapped with a legal complaint and now we have to see what she does.

2] Aamir Khan- His movie PK came under the radar of the masses. They accused it of mocking Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Despite this, the movie received immense love and appreciation from the audience.

3] Akshay Kumar- His movie Laxmi is based on the spirit of a transgender. However, many people thought it was an insult to Goddess Laxmi.

4] Shah Rukh Khan- In the trailer of the movie Zero, SRK is seen in a vest and shorts with a garland of Rs 500 notes around his neck and a Kirpan tied across his body. A petition was filed in the high court to hurt the Sikh sentiments.

5] Deepika Padukone- In the song ‘Besharam Rang’ from the movie ‘Pathaan’, she is seen wearing a saffron-coloured bikini. People claimed it to be hurting religious sentiments.

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