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Bombay High court permitted Goa Government to conduct SSC and HSSC exam

The whole world is reeling from this new disease called CORONA or Covid -19. It is a life-threatening communicable disease with no remedy. We haven’t been to this situation ever before and nobody hasn’t any answer when we get rid off from this virus. To avoid the spread of this virus, Authorities have to take a hard step by imposing lockdown on us. Nowadays we all are living in constant fear because people are unable to do their routine activities like they used to do and struggling to end their meets. This coronavirus pandemic affected every aspect of life like business, travel, and education more or less and due to this world is facing an economic slowdown.

The same happened in the education sector in India. When corona outbreak flared up, the nationwide lockdown was announced and mass gatherings were prohibited. Due to this, schools, colleges, educational institutions had been shut down for an uncertain period and exams of SSC and HSSC were held back across the country in the view of a pandemic. That time the students who were taking up their exams got stuck in middle and this situation demanded, papers had to be suspended for an uncertain period.

This lockdown created a huge ruckus in the examination cycle. Not only cycle got disturbed but the future of student was also in the lurch. After two months of lockdown, one ray of hope is to come up for goan students from Bombay high court. After hearing petition court allowed Goa government to conduct SSC and HSSC exam during the ongoing lockdown with due precautions and imposed restrictions of not conducting the exam in containment zone. As per the reports, the state government is planning to take all the preventive measure such as sanitization of school premises, provision of thermal screening, increased number of examination centres, the mandatory wearing of the mask by teachers, students and other supporting staffs and limiting 12 students to a classroom in a view of social distancing in all examination centres. The key purpose of goa government of taking up all these measures to prevent the spread of disease among masses and not to risk the lives of students, teachers and other people.

As some of the people are against the judgment of High court because as per them this decision clearly put the life in danger of those students who are appearing for exams. But Goan government states that we have to take care of the mental stress of student which is more than the fear of corona because the fate of exam will decide the future of a student. Goan chief minister backed the decision of the high court by claiming that all the 40 covid cases in goa are imported and there were no community transmission reported in goa which made the government decision of conducting the exam is valid.

All we know everybody is going through this fateful situation and situation is getting worse by each passing day. Health ministry also suggests that there is a dire need to learn to live with corona by taking up all preventive measures itself until any vaccine hasn’t come. Because lockdown is not only the measure to fight against corona as it is breaking the backbone of our economy and making ourselves fragile. So we as individual have to take stand against it and follow all the measures what the government suggested to us.

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