Business Tycoon Anand Mahindra is learning to cut hair amid the lockdown tweets, “The lockdown has made us understand that the ‘essential elements’ we need for existence are minimal”.

Anand Gopal Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra group, has made an eye-opening tweet amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.

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He tweeted the following recently and received a huge response.

The lockdown has made us understand that the ‘essential elements’ we need for a comfortable existence are minimal. But I am promoting my barber to a much higher position in the value chain! I’ve been learning how to cut my own hair, but I’ve reached the end of my abilities!

While some commented agreeing to the fact , some asked him to share a picture of him after the hair cut; to which he replied with a cartoonish picture of himself.

A haircut is beyond the skillset of many people, but not anymore, he says.
He also tweeted a bit earlier that this lockdown has given a good time to spend with family. So he has asked his employees to strengthen their bonds with their families.
While a lot if celebs are posting pictures and videos of hair cuts and head massages to one another, this business tycoon added himself to the list.

He also said that the essential items for a comfortable living are very less. The comfort and happiness of a person is decided upon the state of mind, rather than the things he uses or the works he does. This realization is a great opportunity provided by the lockdown.

With this nationwide lockdown, almost all services are shut down except essentials like grocery, medicines. Everyone is at their homes, right from sportspersons to actors, businessmen to students. The companies have asked their employees to work from home.

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While food, clothing and shelter are our primary necessities, we are able to arrange for these things by some means.
But there are some other small things that are done by others all the time. And now they’re not available.
One such things is barbering. And all the celebs are in the haircut trend now. Also cooking, washing vessels, cleaning their houses are also something they are showing the people.

It is necessary to understand that if time demands, we should be able to do everything and anything. They are inspiring people to do such chores and also promoting the stay home stay safe purpose of lockdown.

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