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CBI DIG Akhilesh Singh and his pregnant wife test positive for coronavirus

We were being consoled by higher authorities about India being in safer zones compared to other countries. Little did we know, and blindly we trusted, the bar of the curve is rising and rising every day every second. The virus is striking it targets very quickly without missing any single chance. The latest reports show that CBI DIG Akhilesh Singh and His wife who was pregnant tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. We pray the family recovers as soon as possible and the baby stays healthy and covid free.

The total number of cases surpass 267k today. With the death number reaching almost 7500. The two months of lockdown made the total number of cases reach 267k, we have unlock1.0 from today. We have no clue what is there in store for us to suffer.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said that about 75% of the new coronavirus cases reported on Sunday came from 10 countries in the Americas and South Asia, including India. The virus spares none, the only and only thing which can save yours
And your family member’s life is, Stay at home as much as you can. And if, you really want something important to finish, maintain social distancing norms and don’t forget to carry your mask along with you. The virus is deadly, the money can’t save your life right now. Health is priority and money is secondary. Stay home, stay safe.

We just hope that the Singh family recover from the virus and get better as soon as possible. Let us all take a moment and pray for them along with all the other people suffering due to endless reasons.

The number has surpassed us. We have to stay very careful at this time. To have a life, you have to save it too. Heaps of money wouldn’t help in recovery only precautions will help you stay safe.

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