Centre asks state to speed up the testing process so as to identify emerging hotspots

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) issued an advisory, that for the use of antibody tests in the area emerging as a hotspot for coronavirus to speed up the testing process.’

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Being of the lockdown, March 28 Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that, “Blood samples of those under observation will be collected to detect possible community transmission”. But, ICMR said that at that time it was not so asked in the matter.
On March 29th Karnataka government wanted to carry out testing with the rapid antibody test. CN Manjunath said that “These kits will give results in 15 minutes. I have been told these kits have been tested elsewhere in Europe, South Korea among other places”.

Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that “The state government will use blood samples instead of swabs to conduct rapid tests that can ascertain in five minutes whether a person has developed antibodies for the Covid-19”.

Tope also said Prime Minister asked Maharashtra government to take care of all the migrants. “There are some 3.25 lakh migrant labourers in various state-run facilities. Modi asked us to not only take care of their food but also provide them with TV sets so that they can have some entertainment and do not leave the shelter”.

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