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Centre asks the states to counsel the migrant workers: ‘Ensure migrant workers don’t walk home’

Centre government has asked the state to counsel and make sure that migrants don’t walk home through highway or railway tracks. It has to make sure that they go home either by train or by bus and put them into a safe shelter.

This decision was taken after 16 migrants died by crushing a train near Aurangabad, and many more road accident cases. Migrants used to work back home amid coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

This meeting was held by Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba, MHA issued a letter said, “ In the meeting, the situation of migrant workers walking on the road and on railway tracks was noted with great concern. Since their movement by buses and ‘Shramik’ special trains have already been allowed to enable their visit native places, all State/ UT Governments should make sure that migrant workers do not resort to walking on the road and on railway tracks. In case they’re found in such condition, they ought to appropriately be counselled, taken to nearby shelters and given food, water etc. till such time they’re facilitated to board the ‘Shramik’ special trains or buses to their native places.”

Government has started the special trains to make sure that the migrants and other people who are stuck anywhere can go back to their home safely.
MHA letter also says, “I urge upon you all to allow the receiving of all Shramik special trains without any hindrance and facilitate faster movement of stranded migrant workers to their native places. In this scenario, as pointed out by the Cabinet Secretary, any restrictions on the movement of medical professionals and paramedical staff can lead to severe constraints in rendering COVlD and non-COVID medical services. As such, ensuring the unhindered movement of all such medical professionals is important for meeting public health requirements and saving precious human lives,”

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