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Centre orders all the states to ensure free interstate movement of trucks

To save the economy of the country, many states have opened their essential and non-essential workplaces. To ensure smooth movement of the trucks and other good loaded vehicles, intra and interstate, the Central government has given orders to every state government to let truck drivers, related to this, to reach to their workplace.
Consumer Affairs Secretary Pawan Kumar Agarwal, in a letter to all state chief secretaries, has asked state governments to designate a nodal officer who will coordinate with state police to ensure hassle-free movement of supplies.

The officer will also send authorization letters to companies and organizations. To ensure that truck drivers don’t face problems from police during the lockdown, the secretary said, “Movement of 1 driver and one additional person from their place of residence to the truck may kindly be facilitated by the local authorities”.

If the truck/vehicle is travelling empty, invoice, way-bill etc for the delivery or devour of products may additionally be carried by the drivers, he said.
Agarwal said, “Local administration could also be advised to facilitate in ensuring the availability of labour in factories, warehouses and transportation and distribution operations of essential food and groceries by appealing to house owners, societies and villages to allow workers to go for work”.

He also mentioned that the buyer Affairs Ministry has developed an e-pass system solution with the assistance of E-Gov Foundation. This system enables the govt to watch the number of passes issued by the authorised companies.
“The government may use this e-pass solution for the difficulty of passes,” the secretary added.

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