Centre says migrants will not be permitted any movement they may contact and register with local authorities to get a job

The labour workers that have been stranded in different parts of the country because of thelockdown are being allowed to go to their respective places of work in the state only.

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Certain conditions will be applied to do so says the Union home ministry said this on sunday. It was also being said that the workers who are stranded in relief camps have to register with local authorities ‘find out the suitable various kinds of work.
Home secretary Ajay Bhalla had made clear that there will be no interstate movement of theworkers during the lockdown which has been extended till 3rd may.

There were orders issued that said the workers in the industry, constructions and other such sectors have moved from their respective places of work and are currently living in the shelter and relief camps that are being run by state and Ut governments.

Since the activities are asked to be resumed with consolidated guidelines to do so by the government, from 20th April. These workers could be now involved in construction industry and framing MNREGA works.

The centre had earlier announced that the operations of these industries will be again resolved from 20th april in rural areas to mitigate the hardships of the people living in those areas.

The lockdown has surely placed a bad effect on the worker of daily wage living in metropolitan cities as they are losing their livelihood. They have also made thousands of attempts to walk back to their cities that need to be interpreted by the authorities.
To help them regain their work the government has asked all of the workers in such industries to register with local authorities to find suitable work for them.

For their migration purpose this was done.
The SOP said that the workers who are willing to return to their hometowns will first be screened and only asymptomatic people will be allowed to travel via bus. It was further said by the SOP that proper sanitation will be done and the social distancing concept will be taken care of. The passengers will also be provided with hygienic food and water.

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The lockdown was initially announced by PM on march 24 for the period of 21 days . Since the cases of coronavirus showed no decrease, the people and all authorities urged to extend the lockdown further which was considered right for saving lives.

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