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China Improves The Testing At Borders As Imported Coronavirus Cases Shows A Hike

A huge number of the recent coronavirus cases in China are from people returning from abroad. 30 new cases of covid-19 have been reported in China recently. The country has had to step up its testing at border regions. With the 30 new cases china’s number of imported cases has risen to 1,610. On Tuesday 4 deaths were recorded in Hong Kong arising from the virus. The Chinese health authority has instructed that all nine provincial regions with land ports should intensify the testing of imported cases. However, China’s medical service in some border regions are not strong enough for the epidemic response. Large groups of medical teams have been sent out to border areas to face the challenge of imported cases. Concerning the imported cases 776 people have been discharged while 44 are still in severe condition.

Curbing the epidemic at border level is of top priority to China because when that is fine the number of infected cases coming from abroad will be reduced. The detecting of coronavirus is for all travelers arriving from other countries and even some states in the country. On April 19 China reported 12 new confirmed cases, because of the recent issues at hand international flights to China have been slashed. Currently China has approved three coronavirus vaccines to be experimented on humans.

A city called Guangxi, in China has everyone coming from overseas taking two nucleic acid tests and one antibody test as well as a 14 days quarantine at a location. Asymptomatic cases are not included in China’s confirmed cases.

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