Chinese Media warns, ‘China Won’t allow Tiktok ‘Smash and Grab’ by US.

The Chinese Government on Tuesday morning said, they do not accept and support TikTok’s US operations by Microsoft Corp and will act against Washington if the sale is enforced, according to China Daily. It is the strongest resistance of Beijing’s ByteDance Ltd so far which US President Donald Trump has threatened to ban unless or until a deal is agreed by September 15 to sell Tiktok’s US business to any other Microsoft or US Corporation.

ByteDance is the world’s largest start-up due to TikTok’s popularity abroad, which American lawmakers have accused by vacuuming data of posing a threat to national security. Trump also can potentially cripple the precious asset of ByteDance by attaching TikTok to the list of U.S. corporations, which will force American businesses such as Apple Inc. and Google’s Alphabet Inc. to withdraw the service from stores. The US crackdown has angered many in the industry: some condemn the abuse of ideals such as freedom of expression and speech, whereas others support doing whatever it takes to subjugate a regional competitor and its crucial tech industry. It is not clear what regulatory action China might take. The Global Times wrote that China has a “limited potential” to defend its enterprises, while the US continues to enjoy technological dominance. China’s foreign ministry has repeatedly criticized Washington for using double standards in its attempts to ban TikTok.