Cipla and Hetero gets a nod to manufacture and market Remdesivir drug for Covid-19 treatment

Admits the world race for drug development regards Covid-19, Cipla Ltd and Hetero Labs, India’s leading domestic pharmaceutical companies was grant approval by India’s top drug regulator on Saturday for supplying and promotion of anti-viral drug Remdesivir with restricted emergency use on COVID-19 patients aided moderate disease and are on oxygen suggested The Union health ministry via ‘Clinical Management Protocols for COVID-19’. Also according to the protocol, It is not recommended for those with severe renal impairment and high level of liver enzymes, pregnant and lactating women, and those below 12 years.

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According to an official statement,” With this development, India is soon to begin the domestic production of anti-viral drug remdesivir which would have efficacy, stability, safety for “restricted emergency use” on COVID-19 patient”. The after production process has licenced agreement with Gilead Sciences Inc for mass production at lower prices in order to make it available to the normal public.

The particular drug is being made available in the injectable form with 200mg dose on day one followed by 100mg vial for 5 days. Case studies have reported benefit in severely ill patients with COVID-19. Further analysis of other drugs via India top pharmaceutical is also underway for approval.

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